• Tempe:內建K型電熱偶與加熱器,可將感測頭加至最高500°C,藉由高溫蒸發掉石英晶片表面附著物,延長石英晶片的使用壽命。
  • Single / Dual / Shuttered:單片式、雙片式或是氣動遮板式感測頭,這些感測頭可相容於大多數電子量測系統,並可相容於大多數6MHz的各式石英震盪晶片,此外也可依照用戶的需求來彎折感測頭角度或是配置氣動遮板來作切換/保護使用,可提供用戶最大的膜厚監測彈性。

Tempe QCM Sensor Head

Tempe™ system is designed for thin film coating process control for high temperature applications. High temperature environments can cause excessive rate noise and lead to significant errors with process control. With a heater built into the sensor head, the Tempe™ High Temp Thin Film system can operate at, and maintain, any temperature within a range of 40-500°C and can even initiate a high-temperature, self-cleaning “bake cycle” that extends crystal life and reduces interruptions from crystal failure in a continuous process environment.

Product Features:

  • To be used with Eon Monitor & Mirage Cooling System
  • Dual channels for expanded capability
  • Advanced technology that increases reliability and durability in industrial environments
  • Temperature compensation – maintains crystal at +/- 1°C of preset temperatures

Single / Dual / Shuttered Sensor Heads

Our line of Quartz Crystal Thin Film Sensors is compatible with most Monitors and Controllers on the market, which we can also supply. We offer a wide variety of water-cooled, non-water cooled, compact, high temperature, right angle, single and dual shuttered sensors. We willingly modify our standard sensors to fit your exact requirements. Please call our sales department for assistance in matching your exact needs.