VTEX公司總部位於日本,其主要的產品是作為硅晶片的出入口的真空腔體和真空腔體之間、或者是與大氣之間的隔離用矩形傳輸閥,和真空腔體與真空泵之間的擺閥。產品口徑從小到大都可以對應。並且可以根據客戶需求,滿足各類 精細化、生產效率提高、低成本、短交期等嚴格的要求。
Gate Valve For Semiconductor Applications
● Leak Rate: Body: 4.0x10-11 (pa*m3/s) 
● Gate: 1.3x10-10 (pa*m3/s)
● Operating Temperature: Body & Gate: 90℃ Actuator: 60℃ 
● Opening/Closing Time: 1.0~3.0 sec Service Life: 1 million cycles
Silt Valve For Roll-to-Roll Process
● Slit Width: 250mm ~ 2000mm 
● Film Thickness: Max. 200μm 
● Customization: Yes
Penduroll Valve
● Leak Rate: 
     Body: 4.0x10-11 (pa*m3/s) 
     Gate: 1.3x10-10 (pa*m3/s) 
● Operating Temperature: 
    Body & Gate: 90℃ 
    Actuator: 60℃ 
● Operating Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa 
● Service Life: 200,000 cycles
Ferrotec’s MeiVac Vari-Q throttle valve is the best downstream pressure control valve available on the market. The unique counter-rotating vane set provides for linear control across the entire operating range of the valve. In the open position, the VQ throttle valve vanes offer little restriction in the pumping path during critical pump down operations. The counter rotated vane designs allow VQ flanges to be low profile, further minimizing conductance losses and pump stack heights. If linear control and process repeatability are important, then the MeiVac VQ throttle valve is a must for your thin film process application.
Throttle Valve for Pressure Control
● Body Size ID: 6" through 35" 
● Flange Type: JIS, ISO, CF, of ASA 
● Flange Material: Aluminum or Stainless Steel 
● Vane Dirver: Servomotor, On-board controller, Pneumatic or  
● UHV option available on CF flange mounted valve with 
   ferrofludic feedthrough