Ferrotec 的 MeiVac MCT-8000 枚葉式RF Diode濺鍍系統是可於直徑200mm的基板上進行Al2O3、SiO2、Ta2O5等金屬氧化物薄膜的成膜作業,濺鍍沈積速率高達950A/min,是量產型枚葉式系統。本系統係特別針對HDD讀寫頭方面的應用進行優化,但在其他例如化合物半導體領域中亦具備極高的應用潛力。


  • 可相容於無塵室作業環境:透過隔離的前面板將主系統與無塵室的生產作業區分離
  • 採模組化設計:可依照產能需求彈性進行擴充
  • 高度自動化:採用Brooks MX-600枚葉式平台,搭配Mag 7機械手臂作業
  • 生產製造:內建可程編之SECS/GEM,可與Fab的MES系統連線作業

MeiVac MCT-8000 枚葉式濺鍍系統的部分規格羅列如下:

  • Production-proven 24/7 cluster tool
  • Fully automated processing of up to 200mm ∅ substrates
  • Available with 2 to 4 process modules and with 2 load-locks
    Process modules are field retrofittable
  • Brooks MX-600 cluster platform with Mag 7 robot
  • Every chamber has a dedicated slot valve and pump stack with turbo & water pump
  • Cassette present sensor, wafer present sensors, and wafer slideout sensors
  • Aligner with notch detection and orientation
  • Wafer temperature sensor
  • Integrated RGA for system control
  • Optimized for Hard Disk Drive Thin Film Head application
  • Al2O3, SiO2, Ta2O5…
    From 0.2μ to 23μ for Al2O3
    O2 process capable for enhanced side wall coverage
  • <1.0% sigma/mean uniformity and layer concentricity
  • High rate deposition processes (>950A/min)
  • Proprietary, multi-MFC gas distribution system for process modules
  • Helium backside gas cooling
  • RF substrate bias option to enhance deposited film properties
  • Available for metal or reactive dielectric material deposition
  • Windows 7 based UI and GE RX3i Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Profibus communications to key components on the system
  • Configurable SECS/GEM option for communication with most fabs’ Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)