Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

svt2 SVTA SMART Laser pulsed laser photo2

SVT Associates' SMART (Scientific Materials and Applied Research Tool) Pulsed Laser Deposition System is a unique versatile research tool. Combining pulsed a Laser Ablation system with other deposition techniques, SVT Associates' PLD system offers a broad range of materials and applications. The ability to extend the vacuum capabilities to Ultra High Vacuum base pressures allows the control of unwanted film impurities.

The laser target manipulator accommodates up to six 1" diameter targets (or four 2") in vacuum which are selectable through the controlling computer. Each of the individual targets can be rotated about its axis, which together with the laser scanning provides a uniform erosion of the target. Using this flexibility, a multitude of thin film structures is possible.

Several laser options are available through SVT Associates depending on the application requirements and budget. Optional in-situ monitoring tools such as RHEED provide you with process feedback in Laser MBE. Available load lock sample handling allows the SMART system to interface with other deposition or metrology tools without exposure of the sample to the atmosphere.

For oxide film deposition, to help ensure complete oxidation, the "High Pressure Oxygen Deposition Package" allows you to set up a partial pressure of O2 in chamber during deposition. Substrate heaters and differential pumping of RHEED electron gun for use in oxygen are also available options.