Magnetron Sputtering



Magnetron sputtering is a widely used vacuum coating technology in various applications. There are more examples showing the diverse applications using sputtering technology. Take optical industry for example, sophisticated optical coatings such as anti reflection, IR-cut, UV-cut and so on can be coated to optical components via sputtering. For tradtional industries, mechanical processing tools such knives and drills can be coated with a protection layer to extend lifetime; for semiconductor industry, sputtering is used to fabricate diffusion barrie, adhesion, seed layers or etch stop. 

Junsun's MGS (multi-gun sputtering) systems have been designed for R&D and pilot production and can meet various demands, such as substrate size, substrate temperature control, or even limited budget. Our MGS systems have following features:


  • Convenience for operation & maintenance
    • Front-opening chamber design for easy loading / unloading substrate and maintenance inside production chamber
    • User-friendly GUI with PLC control. With one screen, users can control pumping sequence, process parameters and save / export process data via USB port
    • Target magnets in the array can be replaced individually for source performance maintenance
    • Cooling channel design: magnet compartments are separated from being exposed to coolant, which avoids magnet degradation and extends target lifetime

  • Performance
    • Flexible configuration: confocal design for sputtering guns, numerous auxiliary accessories for process monitoring / controlling, suitable for versatile samples within dia. 4"
    • Substrate heating: with the added substrate heater, quality of thin film can be enhanced
    • Good thickness uniformity:  uniformity  < 5.0% for depositing Ti