High-power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS)



In HIPIMS, peak power can reach to 1kW/cm2, which leads to high dissociation rate and high plasma density. This feature provides extra energy for the sputtered atoms to be deposited on a substrate. Unlike traditional DC sputtering technology, HIPIMS delivers benifits such as dense thin film structure, less inherent defects in the thin film, excellent thin film adhesion, low process temperature and HIPIMS can be used for objects with complex surface geometry. These benefits has brought great attention from fileds like optical industry, optoelectronic industry, semiconductor industry, energy industry and mechanical industry in recent years. Junsun's MGS-600-HIPIMS has been designed to meet critical challenges posed by HIPIMS. Our MGS-600-HIPIMS features:


  • High-power pulsed DC generator: provides pulsed high current, increases sputtering rate and improves film density
  • Unique magnet array design: magnets are separated from being exposed to coolant, avoids magnet degradation and extends target lifetime
  • Effecient cooling: cooling channel has been optimized for reducing heat generated during HIPIMS process
  • Front-opening design for easy loading / unloading substrate and maintenance inside production chamber
  • Confocal design for 3 sputtering guns, numerous auxiliary accessories for process monitoring & controlling, optimized for samples < dia. 4"


Field Application

AlCrN is known to exhibit excellent wearability in high temperature environment. How to fabricate high quality AlCrN for further research or mass production has became a ongoing topic for them. Below are some of the test results of AlCrN samples fabricated by MGS-600-HIPIMS.

hipims result2 hipims result1

Data Source:Dept. of Materials Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology