E-Beam GLAD System




Angle between substrate and evaporation source

glad principle1

Step 1: Nnucleation

glad principle2

Step 2: Self-shadowing

glad principle3

Step 3: Columnar rowth

GLAD is a technology for fabricating porous thin films with engineered structures (columnar) in nano-scale. The columnar structure growth mechanism is nucleation, atomic-scale ballistic shadowing and surface diffusion. Due to the porous nature of the films and the increased surface area, the morphology of GLAD structure is complex. Depending on the morphology of these GLAD structures different surface and morphology dependent properties of materials can be changed and these structures find potential applications in many fields such as biosensing, optical coatings, pressure and humidity sensors, LCD displays, and in energy related fields. Because the GLAD process provides precise nanoscale control over the film structure, characteristics such as the mechanical, magnetic, and optical properties of the deposited film may be engineered for various applications.


Junsun's EBS-500-GLAD uses e-beam evaporation technology for GLAD, which allows users to grow GLAD thin film using wide ranges of different materials from metals, alloys to compounds. EBS-500-GLAD has been designed for high quality engineered thin film with excellent reproducibility, featuring:


  • Software-controlled process: our unique enables sophisticated substrate movement, precise e-gun control and system vacuum, ensuring process reproducibility

  • Precise substrate carrier system: it is essential in GLAD tehcnology to have good substrate movement control. EBS-500-GLAD's substrate carrier system have following features:
    • Substrate movement:sophisticated substrate rotation (max. 10 rpm) and angle variation 
    • Substrate temperature control:depending on process, substrate can be heated or cooled (< 0°C)

  • High performan e-gun unit: with the use of Temescal e-gun, SLX-series power supply and all-in-1 EBC controller, users can obtain stable evaporation rate needed for their process
    • Temescal e-gun: featuring unique gun-body cooling design whcih allows higher evaporation rate, superior magnetics which optimizes beam shape and cpatures secondary electrons
    • Temescal SLX power supply: unparalleled process stability and repetability as a result of superior arc management circuit (1.5ms arc recovery rate)
    • Temescal all-in-1 e-gun EBC controller: the ability to control 3 or more components in an e-beam system, including SLX power suppliers, turret indexer, beam position and sweep.


Field Application

Bellow SEM images are taken from samepls fabricated by EBS-500-GLAD. The material being deposited are TiO2, Ag and SiO2. Different columnar structures are presented here: zig-zag, helix and inclined pillars. GLAD morphology mainly depends on process parameters and EBS-500-GLAD provides everything you need to control your GLAD process parameters with enhanced precision. 

TiO2 01


TiO2 02


Ag 01

Ag:Inclined Columns

SiOx 1

SiO2:Pillars with Variable Diameters

SiOx 2