Microwave Heating System


SAIREM has more than 40 years' expertise in microwave-related applications and provides solid solutions for microwave heating, microwave extraction, microwave plasma and high energy particle physics. For microwave heating, SAIREM offers 2 models of HTE system  (3kW and 6 kW) for users to choose. These equipment have beed developped in partnership with research teams to ensure an optiaml transfer microwave energy to the product to be treated, thus guarantee excellent yields and great heating homogeneity. The HTE system can heat materials with high or low microwave absorption, such as glass or ceramics at low temperature. The microwave generators can work in continuous wave or pulsed modes to study the potential effects of electromagenetic fields on the product. With its large cavity volume, it's easy to load large samples, necessary for industrial applications.


Product Features

  • Alternating turntable ensures a homogeneous distribution of microwaves
  • Polished internal walls to reflect up to 90% of the IR radiation from the sample onto itself
  • Integrated hybrid T impedance adapter


Main Applications

  • Ceramic sintering
  • Calcination
  • Pyrolysis
  • Biomass treatment 


Product Specifications

SARIEM LABOTRON Microwave Heating System Model Number LABOTRON HTE 3kW LABOTRON HTE 6kW
Microwave Generator 2450 MHz
Working Mode 0-3000W continuous / pulsed 600-6000W continuous / pulsed
Microwave Cavity Cavity is made of aluminum with polished internal walls
Internal dimention of microwave cavity is 427x427x488mm, 88L volume
Tuntable Turntable diameter 330mm, thickness 2mm, continuous or alternating rotation
Contron Interface 7.5" colour touchscreen (IP65)
Data Storage Data export in CSV format via USB port or Ethernet
Programming Incidental power, temperature, time, process steps, CW or pulses, maximum reflected power (stop or limitMatioetn)
Vacuum Sse Primary vacuum 1 mbar, DN25 strap on the back. Pump not provided.
Cooling Method:Water
Minimum flow 8L/min and minium pressure 3.5 bars for 6kW model. Quick connectors in and out.