Glovebox Platform

With over 25 years' experiences in equipment consulting and equipment sales, Junsun can provide engineering services to customers with computer-assisted design and 3D models to simulate the best glovebox integration solution for each case. Eveything associated with customers' process should be taken into consideration: procedures, eixsting quipement, facilities, laboratory space and so on. Our integrated glovebox features:


  • Strict process environment control for demanding application such as OLED, which demands low H2O & O2 level (both under 1.0ppm) and low particles (class 1000 or better) .
  • Bespoke substrate carrier inside glovebox for transferring substrates to different processing station.
  • Each integrated glovebox works indpendently within the ranges of predefined safety intelocks. By so doing, we can ensure the safety of operators and the quality of processing environment.


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