Custom-Designed Systems

Can't find what you need in our website? Don't worry, we can custom-design the system that you require upon request.
Thanks to our over 25 years' experiences in high-tech fileds, we are able to offer custom-designed systems (be it vacuum and non-vacuum) .
Following are some examples for your reference:



UHV-HV chambers

custom encapsulation

Desktop organic EL encapsulation system

custom RGA

De-pressure system for RGA

custom liquid crystal

Liquid injection system

  • Purifying system (organic optoelectronic materials)
  • Vacuum furnace with multi temerature sections
  • Oil / liquid crystal injection system
  • Pellet feeder for thermal evaporation
  • Substrate carrier for thermal / e-beam evaporation
  • Substrate carrier for GLAD system
  • Vacuum chambers and fittings
  • High vacuum pumping station
  • Still can't find what you need?
    Please contac us for bespoke system!