Mass Flow Controller

Bronkhorst EL FLOW BROOKS 5850E MFC readout

A mass flow controller (known as MFC) is a complex electronic gas flow metering device which exploits the mass-thermal properties of the gas. Unlike the volumetric flow measurement, which is affected by ambient temperature and pressure, the mass flow measurement is very accurate. MFC can be used in applications that require sophisticated gas flow control such as plasma cleaning, plasma etching, sputtering, PECVD and so on. Please see below for more product information.

SpecRecommended Models
  • Command Input Voltage:
    • 0 ~ 5 Vdc
    • 15 ~ 24 Vdc
  • Performance: ±1%
  • Repeatability: 0.25% of rate
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 0.1% / bar typical N2
  • MFC
    • 5850E
    • EL-FLOW
  • MFC Readout
    • PC-510(1 channel)
    • PC-540(4 channel)