Helium Leak Detector

Helium is a gaseous, unreactive element with very light mass, whcih gives it the extraordinary capability to permeate into gaps down to a few micrometers. With this capability, helium is used for leakage detection in vacuum systems or enclosed containers. A helium leak detector is a equipment capable of detecting helium with atmoic mass of 4 by a sniffer for a enclosed container filled with helium or by connecting the detector to a vacuum chamber for detecting helium permeation from the outside. Helium leak detector can be used in following applications:


  • Leak detection for vacuum system and vacuum fittings
  • Leak detection for Li battery or fuel cell
  • Leak detection for air conditioners or fridges
  • Leak detection for pipe lines or components


Appearance HELIOT900 PHOENIX 10.10227.01 adixen asm 310 PHD 4
Min. Detectable Leak Rage < 5x10-12 mbar L/sec < 5x10-12 mbar L/sec < 5x10-12 mbar L/sec < 5x10-6 mbar L/sec
Pumping Unit Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in
Sniffer Mode Optional Optional Optional Standard
Responsive Time N/A N/A < 1 sec < 2 sec
Initiation Time < 2 min N/A

< 3.5 min (including calibration)
< 2 min

3 min
Detecting Mass H2, He H2, He H2, He He