Sputtering Gun


Magnetron sputtering has long been the most widespread vacuum coating technoloy. It is cost-effective and produces high quality thin films. Todays' increasing requests on layer performance, film properties and surface engineering capabilities request magnetron sputtering cathodes that show best performance on the subjects of:

  • power density and rate
  • target utilization
  • film thickness distribution
  • low pressure operation
  • easy to maintain and handle

THIN FILM CONSULTING presents the IONIX® magnetron sputtering sources with a flexible architecture to cope with these partially contradicting performance issues. The IONIX® concept is based on 

  • flexible magnet arrays
  • maximum reliability
  • versatile in handling

With a strong focus on reliability the magnet arrays are isolated from cooling water, avoiding any degradation of magnetron performance. IONIX® magnetrons offer a huge variety of mechanical options and magnetic field configurations to virtually serve all needs and vacuum environments. All IONIX® magnetrons can be either used in DC, RF or pulsed operation.