Electron Gun

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Electron-beam coating technology has been widely used in fields such as compound semiconductors (i.g. GaAs, GaN, SiC), LED, precision optics and so on. For years, Ferrotec has been providing advanced electron-beam coating technology solutions, including high voltage electron beam power supplies, e-beam controllers, e-gun sources and e-beam evaporation systems.

Junsun has been representing Ferrotec-Temescal since 1992, over 25 years' experience enables us to deliver the best equipment consulting service and after service to our customers. With the first-hand support from Ferrotec-Temescal, we are able to provide technical advice on customers' process. Our customers not only purchase high quality Ferrotec-Temescal products from us, but also incude the reliadble support from our team. Please see following Ferrotec-Temescal product information for more details.