Advanced Applications

Despite of thin film deposition technology, Junsun also seeks for potential applications using microwave and 3D-sculptured thin film fabrication technology, for these technologies may have great commercial potentials.

  • Microwave-driven plasma:microwavepdriven plasama has higher plasma density than RF-driven plasma, therefore microwave-driven plasma can effectively modify (clean, activate, etch or implant ion) surface properties. Industries have been using this technology in fileds such as semiconductors, electronics, biomaterials and so on. There's also a growing interest in using microwave-driven plasma to fabricate diamond thin film for some advanced applications.

  • Microwave extraction:this technology uses microwave to excite molecular dipoles of samples and the excited dipole movement generates tremendous amount of heat. Samples being heated this way can release the chemical compound of interest more effectively than tradtional methods. 

  • Oblique / glancing angle deposition:this technology can grow various shapes of 3D-sculptured nano-scale thin film on a substrate. The mechancal and optical properties of these artificial surfaces are very unique, sensors can be made with this technology due to its frequency slecetive surface.