Quartz Crystals for Thickness Measurement


QCM is a commonly used technology for real-time thin film thickness measurement. The working principle of QCM is by measuring the frequency change of a quartz crystal during deposition, as more mass being deposited onto the crystal, it will absorb energy from the vibarting crystal and change the frequency. Thin film thickness and deposition rate can be determined by measuring & calculating the mass-related frequency change. Quartz crystal is in the center of this technology. AT-cut quartz crystals are used as standard crystals in thermal / e-beam evaporatino process and it requires consistent cooling otherwise nonlinear frequency change will occur and influence thickness calculation. Colnatec has been providing special quartz crystals to meet different challenges. We have Super Quartz and HT Quartz for high temperature applications like ALD and PVD. We also have RT Quartz for materials with high stress. Please see following information for more details.