Other Accessories

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HV-compatible High Temperature Tape

  • Max Temperature:260℃
  • Length:33M
  • Width:10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 40mm
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Surface Thermometer

  • Measurment Range:0 ~ 525℃; 5℃ resolution
  • Accuracy:+/- 2% of full scale range
  • How to Use:set the 2 hands (representing max & min temperature) and place the thermometer on top of object
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Temperature Indicator

  • Measurement Range:Max. temp is 260℃
  • Temperature Display: Display measured result in sections, such as  204~260℃, 160~199℃, 116~154℃
  • How to Use:Surface needs to be flat. Clean the surface before applying the thermometer. Single use only
  • Package:10 piece / pack
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Heating Lamp

  • For heating elements (substrates, chamber walls and so on) inside a vacuum system
  • Please contact us for more information about this product
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Olympus Hyperclean

  • Hyperclean is High-quality cleaning liquid best suited for cleaning optical components with the liquid-impregnated toweled
  • Model 3310:suitable for optics or glasses
  • Model 6310:suitable for optics, glasses, electronics and precision instruments