MBE Crucible

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SVTA offers a wide range of crucibles for MBE. These crucibles are made of high purity material (PBN, PG, ALO and so on) and have excellent properties such as good chemical inertness, good thermal stability and low outgassing. Please see following information for more details.


Product NumberMaterialVolume
SVTA-10CC PBN 10cc
SVTA-10CC-PG Pyrolytic Graphite 10cc
SVTA-10CC-ALO Alumina 10cc
SVTA-10CC-BEO Beryllium Oxide 10cc
SVTA-10CC-W Tungsten 10cc
SVTA-10CC-TA Tantalum 10cc
SVTA-16CC PBN 16cc
SVTA-16CC-ALO Alumina 16cc
SVTA-16CC-PG Pyrolytic Graphite 16cc
SVTA-40CC PBN 40cc
SVTA-40CC-DW Double Wall PBN 40cc
SVTA-40CC-ALO Alumina 40cc
SVTA-40CC-PG Pyrolytic Graphite 40cc
SVTA-40CC-TA Tantalum 40cc
SVTA-50CC PBN 50cc  
SVTA-60CC PBN 60cc
SVTA-85CC PBN 85cc
SVTA-80CC-V PBN (For Viking Cell) 80cc  
SVTA-80CC-VC PBN (Viking Cell Cap) 80cc
SVTA-XX-I PBN (Crucible Insert and Position Ring Kit for Crucibles Sizes 85cc and Smaller) Specify Size of Crucible
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