Glancing Angle Deposition Tools

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GLAD is a technique for fabricating porous thin films with engineered structures. Physical vapor deposition under conditions of obliquely incident flux and limited adatom diffusion results in a film with a columnar microstructure. These columns will be oriented toward the vapor source and substrate rotation can be used to sculpt the columns into various morphologies. Due to the porous nature of the films and the increased surface area, a variety of chemical applications and sensor device architectures are possible. Because the GLAD process provides precise nanoscale control over the film structure, characteristics such as the mechanical, magnetic, and optical properties of the deposited film may be engineered for various applications.

 Our EBS-500-GLAD system is based on e-beam deposition technology. SEM images above are samples being fabricated by EBS-500-GLAD. 

EBS-500-GLADSystem Specification
  • Environment:HV / UHV
  • Evaporation Method:E-beam,with sweep control
  • Software:Simulation and deposition-assisted control 
  • Substrate Size: Diameter 4" x1 pc 
  • Substrate Cooling:< 0°C
  • Substrate Rotation Speed:0.01 ~ 10 rpm