Company Profile

Founded in 1992, Junsun Tech is dedicated to provide various kinds of PVD equipments, spare parts and accesories to customers around the world.

Company Hisotry


Company Setup

Our initial business mainly focused on delivering professional customer service (e.g. repair, maintenance and retrofit) to our customers.

Agency Business

To further expand business, Junsun started agency business in 1994. Throughout the years, we've been representing well-known brands / products such as Temescal (an USA-based manufacturer of high performance e-beam deposition systems and e-gun components), SVTA (an USA-based manufacturer of MBE, ALD and PLD systems), CCR Technology (a Germany-based manufacturer of RF-driven ICP plasma sources), Sairem (a French-based manufacturer of microwave generators, microwave plasma sources and microwave components) and so on. We've successfully expanded our business by introducing these products into the high-tech markets.

Manufacturing Equipment

There're times you just don't have the right products for customers. To satisfy these unmet demands, Junsun began designing & manufacturing R&D PVD / CVD systems in 1999. These systems include thermal evaporation systems for OLED / OPV, e-beam assisted GLAD systems for biomaterials / MEMS, MGS sputtering systems for optics / protection layer and so on. Among these applications, we are especially interested & specialised in the OLED evaporation and GLAD. With years' experiences in these fields we are able to have advantages over our competitors in terms of design flexibility, performance and serviceability.

Diverse Business Approach

Our engineering department had been spin-out as a new company named JianFu. With 16 years' experiences in manufacturing PVD / CVD system and JianFu will continue to work with Junsun as business partner. By so doing, we can better serve our customers in different perspectives. In the future, Junsun will focus more on the agency business. We will continue to expand our business in the high-tech markets by representing diverse products worthy of markets' attention.


Business Goals: Always Think Ahead


We've been in the high-tech industries - especially the optoelectronic industry -at the begining of our business. With over 25 years's experiences, we are capable of delivering the best equipment consulting service and after service to our customers. In recent years, we particularly focus on following applications: organic optoelectronics (display & lighting), compound semiconductors (MMIC & VCSEL), precision optics (polarizers, waveguides, waveplates and so on), vacuum technology and nova applications using microwave & GLAD technology. Combined with our experiences, we hope to support our customers with our know-hows and achieve following goals:


  • Always deliver the most reliable soutions to solve customers' problems.
  • Alyways go beyond customers' expectations with our products and services.
  • Always co-work with customers to develop customized solutions.

Business Perspective


  • We provide our best equipment consulting service and after service to our customers. 
  • We have more than 150 units installed in high tech industries (e.g. semiconductors, electronics, optics, display, biomedicine), major research institutes and universities.
  • We have been proactive in developing overseas businesss, especially in the fields of organic display and organic optoelectronic material research.
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